NEW IN Alertero: ZUS (Zones urbaines sensibles) Le Pont des Chèvres, Reyssouze La Plaine, La Forge Presles Chevreux Champagne, Moulin Roux Ile de France Montreuil Europe Faubourg d’Isle Neuville Le Vermandois : Vermand, Fayet, Artois, Champagne Les Chartreux Moulins Sud : Champins, Champmilan, Nomazy Le Plessis Presle, Les Darcins Les Ailes, Port Charmeil Bien Assis* Dunlop, Pré Gené Fontbouillant Le Pigeonnier, Barbejas La Zaïne L’Ariane* Saint Augustin Saint Charles, Bon Voyage, Pasteur, Mont Gros Trachel Le Zodiaque Les Oliviers Le Charnois Les Régions Orzy Houillère Manchester Ronde Couture Le Lac Torcy Cité Les Varennes Nouveau Romilly Chantereigne Montvilliers * Les 20 Arpents Maugout
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We make it “Criminally Simple” to stay clear of unsafe areas worldwide*

*See availablity and coverage here

Get your Alertero GPS Alarm at your local 7eleven , Supermarket or Gas-Station before you go.

Put it in your bag, in your purse or leave one in your car – Alertero will notify you when approaching areas with a “less than safe” security profile.
And if you are already in one, Alertero will navigate you out of the area the bast way possible.

Download the Alertero App in AppStore.

We have built a comprehensive Machine-learning app that scans Suburbs, Cities, and Towns for High-Risk Crimes in Real-Time which might pose a risk for you. So next time you go traveling in areas you are unsure of the “Safety Profile” , well we’ve got you covered.

pair the Alertero tag with the app

Presto! You’re all set!

Stay safe!

Preorder your Alertero Alarm today – We are only doing a “One-Off” production

What our beta testers say!

Wow! pretty nice getting “redirected”

Just visited Cape Town and was pleasently surprised by the accuracy of the service, definately seved me from unpleasant experiences

John Senada
Cambridge – USA

East Jerusalem scare

Renting a car in Israel wasn’t  a problem, but driving around Israel and getting rerouted to safety was a lifesaver

Emma Ashcroft 
London , United Kingdom

Pretty awesome stuff!

Who would have known that 12th arodissement in Paris would be %&”# at night!

Jorrit Van Heel
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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