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About us

A team dedicated to getting you home safely

We are a sharp mix of software developers, business developers and data scientists trying to figure out how to make this planet a more secure place by analyzing vast amounts of data being accumulated through publicly available crime data and generated metadata.

Hans Jørgen Gabrielsen
Product Owner / UX Lead
[email protected]

Branislav Dragojlovic
Business Developer
[email protected]

Dumitru Esanu
Senior Developer
[email protected]

About Us makes cities smarter by making data on burglaries, assaults, theft and homicides accessible & easy to understand. We organize and sort millions of Open-Data and public police crime-reports as they happen. helping you make the right decisions on where to buy a new home, choose the right hotel for your next holiday or just curious about what the safety profile is on your current location.


Studsgade 44
8000 Aarhus C
DK Denmark
e: [email protected]


Studsgade 44
电邮: [email protected]